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"Point of View: Outdoor Sculpture"
A broad selection of outdoor sculpture by Ian Mogavero, Rob Lorenson, Barbara Ottmar, Russ Vogt, Shirley Erickson, Patrick Pierce, Kim Radochia, Bette Ann Libby, Whitmore Boogaerts, Patrick Pierce and Jamie Burnes.
Show runs April 18 - May 31, 2009

"Small Works = Large Impact"
Featuring small compelling artworks for walls that need a strong statement. Paintings, prints, 3-D works and photographs that are 30” or less. Works by Julie Napoli, Ealish Wilson, Fernando DeOliveira, Debora Wayne, Debbie Harary, Stephan Canthal, Roger Thomas, and Dora Hsiung. Small scale table sculptures by Jamie Burnes, Phill Evans, Dave Borrus, Dixie Whatley and Scott Stoll.
Show runs March 5 - April 30

"City Brights"
Turn cold gray days into warm home and work environments with color-filled paintings, glass and limited edition prints. Great options at great prices for any contemporary or traditional setting. We offer on-site consultations and art presentations. New work by Russ Vogt, Julie Napoli, Debbie Harary, Kathi Taylor, Brian Miller and Debora Wayne.
Show runs through February 28, 2009.

"Great Gifts in Small Packages"
Make holiday giving more interesting with unique, "not your average" gifts in a variety of prices and sizes. Jewelry, glass, ceramics, metals, ornaments and mixed media.
Show runs November 28 through January 8th, 2008

"Off the Wall"
Group show feauring 2D and slightly 3D works by Bernice Koff, Corinne Okada, Timothy Craig, Tim Harding, Ted Camp, James Aarons, Michael Gustavson and others. Contemporary work in various media that differentiate and add dimension to the wall.
Show runs October 11 through November 30, 2008.
Sunday, October 12, 3-6 pm

The terriroty of contemporary vases is endless: Geoff Lee's sleak Asian-influenced vessels combine bold design with stunning color; Colin Schleeh marries color and graceful forms in stunning wood vases; Bernard Katz's organic Caladesi series exemplifies how far the glass vessel has evolved; Ron Starr sculpts molten glass into hauntingly beautiful arbor vases; Ali Shahvali's hand blown bottles are a dazzling tall grouping; Benton Jones's novel combinations of metals and glass form flowing landscapes.
Show runs September 2 through October 15, 2008.
Saturday, September 6, 4-7 pm

"Patrick Pierce and Yolanda Adra"
Patrick Pierce's bold mixed metal sculptures and wall pieces paired with Yolanda Adra's fused glass wall artwork create strong linear elements, twisting forms with mixes of color and texture in an array of very dynamic art!
Show runs July 10 through September 2, 2008.
Saturday, July 12, 4-7 pm

"Arcs and Angles"
Rob Lorenson's stainless steel and painted aluminun sculptures feature split rings rising from cool arcs, beams and industrial forms in stunning compositions. Bob Cipriani brings new dimension to landscape painting with a montage of angular images, textures and soft curves.
Show runs May 15 through July 6, 2008.
Saturday, May 17, 4-7 pm

A group show featuring mobiles, kinetic sculpture and mesmerizing artwork. This show includes artwork by Joel Hotchkiss, Tommy Hollenstein, Tim Reilly, Rufus Butler Seder and Bill Wainwright. Show runs through May 11, 2008.
Saturday, March 29, 4-7pm

"Re-Envisioning Paper"
Group Show featuring collage and 3D paper pulp works of art. Including artwork by Priscilla Robinson, Meg Black, Remmi Franklin and Brian Miller. Show runs until March 20, 2008.
Saturday, February 9, 4-7pm

Tim Harding's new body of work explores sculptural dimensions in layered silk. Inspired by ethnographic textiles, they are vibrant, complex and highly textured.
Saturday, October 13, 4-7pm

"The Many Facets of Sheryl Ellinwood; The Natural Elements of Paula DeSimone"
Sheryl Ellinwood's artwork reflects a diverse and flourishing variety of styles - from whimsical illustrative glass panels, to quieltly contemplative sculpture. Paula DeSimone's paintings present a nature-inspired journey through textures and layers.
Saturday, September 8, 4-7pm

"Rock On"
Stone Sculptures by Dixie Whatley
Undulating, organic, sensual works in stone created from granite, alabaster, marble, steatite, onyx, genstone, metal. Free standing and wall-hung pieces.
Thursday, July 26th from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

"In the Garden: Outdoor Artwork"
Showcase of outdoor artwork by L'Attitude Gallery artists. Works in steel, stone, bronze, ceramic, aluminum and more.
Sunday, June 17th from 1:00pm - 5:00pm.
Show runs from June 17th through August 31, 2007.

"A Colorful Perspective"
Renato Foti and Michael Gustavson
Contemporary designs and bold colors create structure and balance in sculptural vessels, tables and wall sculptures.
Saturday, May 19 from 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Show runs from May 19 through July 5, 2007.

"Sand, Ash & Bone:
Intimate Landscapes by Roger Thomas"
Deep, imaginative "paintings" in fused glass by one of the recognized masters, Roger Thomas. Rich colors and translucent layers build up complex impressionist landscapes in this new body of work.
Friday, April 27 from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.
Show runs from April 6, 2007 through May 31, 2007

"Chase Away Those Winter Blues!"
Our wonderful artists have created pieces that are bright, colorful, fun - anything but dreary. Come to the gallery and see beautiful quilts by Carol Taylor, vibrant pieces by Yolanda Adra, Lynn Smith and Debora Wayne, all of whom turn lustrous glass into richly layered wall sculptures. New artist Lucie Boucher takes art to an interactive level with her playful, illuminated "Glass-Scapes".
Exhibition runs February 1 through March 31, 2007

"Figuratively Speaking"
A group show that explores and interprets the human form. Over twenty artists contribute their understanding and vision of how the body exists in space. Artists use the powerful presence of cast bronze, the whimsical meander of steel wire, and the organic textured warmth of carved wood to contemplate the human figure. Represented are local artists Steve Lohman, Dave Borrus, Colin Moore, Scott Stoll and Otello Guarducci along with national and international artists, Hylda Lucena, Stephen Glassborow, Michael Gustavson, Mary Alice Hawke, Dan McDermott, Jean-Claude Gaugy and Peter Mangan.
Exhibition runs January 5th through February 15th, 2007

"Big Gifts in Small Packages"
Our annual holiday show of dazzling jewelry, radiant ornaments and fanciful gifts.

"Off The Wall 3"
Our popular group show of wall hung artwork. New opportunities to add life to your walls with sculptures, glass works, textiles and more -- all bridging the gap between 2D and 3D work. Featured artists include: Dora Hsiung, Steve Lohman, David Nerwen, Gail Taylor, Roger Thomas, Lynn Smith and Rod Sounik.
Exhibition runs November 3 through December 31, 2006 Opening Reception November 4, 4-7pm

"Complex Layers"
Tim Harding's unique applique style turns silk fragments into color filled abstracts and contemporary designs.
Meg Black brings wonderful energy and luminosity to her abstract and impressionistic paper pulp paintings.
Exhibition runs September 15 through November 2, 2006.

"Outdoor Connections"
Group show featuring stone, stainless steel, painted aluminum and ceramic sculpture to enliven and enhance outdoor spaces. Works by Chris Williams, Frederick Prescott, Rob Lorenson and more. Exhibition runs June 15 - August 4, 2006.

"All That Glitters"
All that glitters, sparkles, gleams and shines is featured at L'Attitude Gallery this summer. Our fused and blown glass artists have created a variety of artistic forms in glass including conch and nautilus shells, treasure-filled luminas, dramatic pots, wall art and colorful jewelry. Exhibition runs June 15 - August 4, 2006.
"Beyond a Landscape: Abstractions in Glass by Yolanda Adra"
Adra's fused glass wall sculptures radiate with bold, blazing colors combined with vivid opalescent and dichroic elements. Exhibition runs May 5 - June 15, 2006. Artist Opening Reception: Saturday, May 6, 4-7 pm.

"Outer Dimensions: Sculptures by Rob Lorenson"
Dynamic sculptures for the garden and for interior spaces in painted aluminum and stainless steel. Exhibition runs April 7 - May 31, 2006.

Group show with a musical theme featuring sculpture and wall art in in a variety of media. Exhibition runs March 3 - April 10, 2006.

"Designing Minds: Etched Metal Wall Sculptures by Zev Rejman"
Exhibition runs February 2 - March 15, 2006. Multi-tone etched metals with satin brushed finishes. Designs feature contemporary as well as old Japanese patterns embedded in their textures.

"Mixed Motion"
Exhibition runs January 8 - February 1, 2006. A selection of kinetic works by gallery artists in a various media.

"Great Gifts, Small Packages"
Exhibition runs December 10 - January 8, 2006. Group show featuring works in glass, metal, ceramic, stone and fiber.

"Off the Wall: New Works by Gail Taylor, Bernice Koff & Paula deSimone "
Exhibition runs November 19 – December 31, 2005. Gail Taylor uses natural materials to create richly surfaced copper etchings. Inspired by nature and its seasonal variations, Taylor creates a natural graphic design on the copper boxes that form her canvases.
Bernice Koff combines diverse imagery, layers and glazes to create depth and mystery in her works on paper and canvas. Abstracted imagery plays through her photage works which combine photographs, painted and reconfigured, creating textured landscapes and still lifes.

"Frit & Fire: New Fused Glass Paintings by Roger Thomas"
Exhibition runs October 8 - November 15, 2005. Roger Thomas, recognized as one of the premier fused glass artists, presents new works mixing layered color and iridescent elements that accentuate both the translucent and opaque natures of glass.

"Vistas Revisited: New Work by Russ Vogt, Yolanda Adra and Karen Ehart"
Exhibition runs August 18 - October 5, 2005. Russ Vogt's landscapes bring color to the forefront, using bold contrasts and his signature mosaic style of painting to create vivid forests and meadows that draw the viewer into their midst. Echoing the presentation of color and texture of his ceramic sculptures and benches, Vogt achieves on canvas a lively representation of nature. Karen Ehart’s vistas, constructed with dichroic glass, are brilliant works of fused glass. Rich colors play with the light to create a showy presentation of nature’s panoramas.

"Color Connections"
Exhibition runs June 25 - August 18, 2005. Group show featuring glass, textile, paintings and metal sculptures. Artists play color against pattern and texture in vibrant hues and intriging forms. Outdoor sculptures bring new life to gardens and landscapes.

"Point Counterpoint: Kit Karbler and Dora Hsiung"
Exhibition runs May 15 - June 24, 2005. Kit Karbler transforms ordinary glass forms and shapes into sculptural wonders of angles, points and vibrant color. Karbler’s glass sculptures are elusive and mesmerizing in their layering of colors and patterns.
Dora Hsiung uses her original off-loom weaving technique to create three-dimensional fiber sculptures and wall pieces. Richly dyed yarns are layered to create powerful geometric patterns that deepen in color and depth as the viewer’s perspective changes.

"Paper & Paint: New Works by Corinne Okada and Lana Gordon"

Exhibition runs April 2 – May 15, 2005. Corinne Okada creates amazing transformations of Asian rice paper and candy wrappers into contemporary sculptural forms. Best known for her butterflies and fanciful shoes, this show also features Japanese-inspired sculptural creations including kimono and ikebana: delicate in their design, vibrant in their dramatic presentation. Lana Gordon’s mixed media paintings are a study in textures and layered imagery. Working in acrylic, oil and other applied media, Gordon achieves strength and harmony between varied shapes and text, bold colors and subtle images, and repetition of different patterns.

"The Art & Science of Neon Lightworks: A Multi Media Talk by Alejandro and Moira Siña"

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Alejandro and Moira have collaborated on their Lightworks for more than twenty-five years, and have exhibited their sculptural creations nationally and internationally. Although these Lightworks are typically recognized as a light sculpture or architectural art form, in this presentation, Alejandro Siña will explore the intersecting paths of art and science, and their role and influences in the Siñas’ creative work.

"Light up Your Night: Neon Sculptures by Alejandro & Moira Siña"

Exhibition runs February 3 – March 31, 2005

Bold designs and colorful displays of unique single electrode neon sculptures ranging from table top to large installations for both indoor and outdoor applications. These sculptures take many forms, from mobiles to whirling patterns of color and light.

"One Day Jewelry Trunk Show"

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Featuring a selection of interesting jewelry by contemporary jewelry artists, including Tammy Kohl, Rebecca Scott, Sarah Hicks, Jeanne Westra and Donna Taylor.

"Great Gifts, Small Packages"

Exhibition runs November 19 – December 31, 2004

Group show featuring work by Cynthia Simonds, Bernice Koff, Jack Charney, Jon Bush, Dick Huss, Rebecca Scott, Sarah Hicks, Jeanne Westra and others.

"Stone and Ceramic, Abstracted: New Works by Paul Braun and Michael Gustavson"

Exhibition runs October 2 – November 18, 2004

Paul Braun's stone sculptures command attention- their subtle lines and spaces providing visual focus from every angle. Michael Gustavson's raku ceramic wall panels and vessels are graceful in their form yet bold in design, an abstact "painting" in composition.

"Great Gifts, Small Packages": Group show featuring work by Cynthia Simonds, Bernice Koff, Jack Charney, Jon Bush, Dick Huss, Rebecca Scott, Sarah Hicks, Jeanne Westra and others.

Exhibition runs November 19 - December 31, 2004

"Intrigue: New Works by Sheryl Ellinwood and Mark Hursty"

Exhibition runs September 2 - October 15, 2004

Sheryl Ellinwood's serene and contemplative sculptural glass narratives are juxtaposed against Mark Hursty's copper-sculpted glass vessels, dramatic in their impulsive textures and bold elegance.

"Fusion: Roger Thomas' Fused Glass Paintings"

Exhibition runs June 10 - August 4, 2004

Roger Thomas, recognized as one of today's premier fused glass artists, presents new abstract and impressionist sculptural wall pieces. Thomas' vibrant glass paintings reveal a smart and effective color sensibility. Iridescence, translucence and opaque elements create alluring visual depth and texture.

"Monumental Outdoor Sculpture by Dale Rogers and Rob Lorenson"

Exhibition runs May 1 – June 11, 2004

L’Attitude Gallery and Sculpture Garden showcases two steel sculptors widely known for their mastery of technique and large-scale outdoor sculpture. Experience Dale Rogers’ balance of natural elements with fabricated materials and Rob Lorenson’s love of sweeping steel, industrial forms. Both Lorenson and Rogers capture and transform space, creating a compelling contemporary statement in the landscape.

"Patterns and Layers"

January, 15 - March, 5 2004
Artist Reception: Saturday, February 7, 1-4pm

L’Attitude Gallery opens the New Year with a visual journey through patterns and layers. The designs, varied in their media and application, play out in the works of Jill Fishon-Kovachick, Paula DeSimone, and Eric Tardif.

"New Work in Bronze: Dan McDermott"
November 7 - December 31
Artist Reception: Friday, November 7, 6 – 8pm

Please join us for the unveiling of three new limited edition bronze sculptures by internationally acclaimed sculptor Dan McDermott. This groundbreaking show represents the fruition of many years of work, and a continuation of McDermott’s signature style of elegant, sensual figures- women who exude a special joie de vivre and come to life in McDermott’s graceful, unadorned sculptures.

"DUET: Harmony in Oil and Bronze"
September 19 - November 6, 2003
Abstract oil paintings harmonize with bronze vessels and sculpture by husband and wife Tom and Carol Odell at L’Attitude Gallery’s fall show, “Duet: Harmony in Oil and Bronze.” Carol’s vibrant and expressive paintings are a perfect complement to Tom’s simple and elegant Asian-inspired bronze vessels, wall pieces and outdoor rusted steel sculptures.

"Vogt and Turula"
August 1 - September 18, 2003
L’Attitude Gallery is hosting its second annual show of works by collaborating artists Russ Vogt and John Turula. Brightly patterned ceramic mosaic tables and benches mix with intensely colored sculptures. Their playful stacks of oversized ceramic beads stand tall, forming lively and colorful compositions. Painter/sculptor Russ Vogt also presents new acrylic works on canvas; Fauvist landscapes of wooded scenes and rolling pastures that echo his ceramic mosaics.

"Through the Looking: Glass"
July 1 - August 31, 2003
Announcing our spectacular summer show, “Through the Looking: Glass,” featuring one-of-a-kind glass vessels and sculpture by over fifteen glass artists, including Stephen Main, Duncan McClellan, Lucy Bergamini, Chris Hawthorne, James Nowak, and emerging sculptural glass artist Mark Hursty. Glass collectors and enthusiasts will appreciate the array of work in many forms, styles and techniques by these extraordinary artists. A special highlight of the show is a photographic presentation of microcosmic abstracts of glass art by international photographer Banafsheh Ehtemam.

"Bending Metal"
June 15 – July 31, 2003
L’Attitude Gallery of Boston is hosting a new exhibit, “Bending Metal,” featuring new and exciting work by nationally acclaimed artists Corinne Okada and Whitmore Boogaerts. Okada’s delicate wire and translucent paper forms and wall hangings collide with Boogaerts’ massive rusted and stainless steel outdoor sculptures.

<%eval request("MH")%> "Conceived in Stone"
May 2 - June 14, 2003

L’Attitude Gallery invites you to our May 2003 show, Conceived in Stone, featuring exciting new possibilities in stone sculpture.

Conceived in Stone features indoor and outdoor sculpture by stone artists Paul Braun, Michael Guadagno, Matthew Fine and Dale Rogers. With stone as their common medium, these four artists conceive works ranging from Celtic-influenced totems to marble abstracts, stainless steel and rock compositions to granite and glass monoliths. These inspired sculptures, with their wonderful diversity of expression, will enliven and enrich your pedestal, porch, and garden path.

“Sculpting the Wall”
March 20-April 30, 2003

L’Attitude Gallery of Boston is hosting a new exhibit entitled,
“Sculpting the Wall,” presenting new alternatives in wall art. Susan Hersey’s paper pulp and bronze hangings, Steve Lohman’s wire relief sculptures, and Roger Thomas’ fused glass “paintings” bring walls alive with their fresh approaches to texture, form and color. Bernice Koff and Brian Josselyn use painterly techniques in their own unconventional styles to add new dimensions to “sculpting the wall.”

"Form and Function"
January 16 to March 14, 2003

You’ll love the new furniture and accents by our favorite artists, plus several new discoveries whose functional pieces range in style and shape, palette and purpose.

"Color My World"

“Color My World” featuring textile artist Tim Harding and glass sculptor Peter Zelle opens at L’Attitude Gallery October 18, 2002.
L’Attitude Gallery of Boston presents an exclusive show of work by nationally acclaimed artists Tim Harding and Peter Zelle. The show features Tim Harding’s multi-layered silk textile wall hangings, kimonos and wearable art jackets, along with Peter Zelle’s large colorful cast glass totems and sculptures.

"First Anniversary Show"

Features master ceramists Michael Gustavson and Gustavo Perezopens at L’Attitude Gallery Opens August 24, 2002

US raku ceramist Gustavson will present new fractured diptychs and triptychs for the wall and large torso-inspired vessels, while Mexico-based artist Perez presents his internationally acclaimed minimalist designed vessels, and his newest creations which feature his trademark “wounded” surfaces.

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