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Diane Ferland
Gary Zack
David Lindsay
Peter Muller
Cynthia Fisher
Cathy Shepherd
Peter Mangan
(also see furniture)
Roger Thomas
(also see wall art)
Debora Wayne
Yolanda Adra
(also see wall art)
Cy and Karon Turnbladh
Geoff Lee
Theofanous and Bensen
Chris Hawthorne
Duncan McClellan
Karen Ehart
Bonnie House
Victor Chiarizia
Henry Levine
Marcus Thesing
Mary Johannessen
Bonnie Rubinstein
Richard Jones
Eva Milinkovic
About Glass
A wide variety of glass pieces
including huge blown glass vessels
and sculptures, fused and slumped
glass vases, etched and sandblasted
glass bowls and dichroic glass platters
and wall sculptures.

At left:
"Copper Rising"
Blown Glass
12.5" x 12" x 3"
Marcus Thesing
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